CloudsRAID - Backup file to RAID of cloud storages, High Security, High Reliability

Backup file to RAID of cloud storages


Highest security and Highest reliabilty
on this planet!

The world first ONE and Only ONE!

RAID5 system of multiple cloud storages

High Security - It is nearly impossible to hack your confidential data

Data file is compressed first, then encrypted by AES 256bit; furthermore the data is disitributed randomly to data blocks, then the data blocks are uploaded to multiple cloud servers like a RAID5 system.

Even cloud service providers can not leak your data! Because they hold only one part of your data.

High Reliabilty - Any one of the cloud servers is down, you can still access the data.

Multiple cloud storages are used as a RAID5 system, One of the servers is used as a parity system. Data is distributed to RAID5 system of cloud servers.

Even any one of the clouds servers is down, you can still access your file online.

CloudsRAID supports Amazon S3, Google Storage, Windows Asure Storage, Rackspace Files, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox etc cloud storage.
CloudsRAID also supports FTP/FTPS/SFTP, WebDAV and network shared folder.

Mechanism for uploading file

Upload File to CloudsRAID

At upload stage, before data is saved to cloud storages, the data is compressed to smaller size, the compressed data is then encrypted by AES 256bit. The encrypted data is extracted by an auto generated random-table to multiple parts, and then each part is uploaded to different cloud storage.

Mechanism for downloading file

Download File from CloudsRAID

At the download stage, multiple data parts are downloaded from multiple cloud storage. After enough parts of data are downloaded, the data are recovered by the random-table to the encrypted data, then the encrypted data is decrypted, the decrypted data is decompressed if it is compressed. So the original data is acquired.

Easy to Use

WizardA task wizard will guide you to create backup profiles, all you need to do is to select the options.

After the backup profiles are setup, CloudsRAID can run backup profiles automatically by the selected schedule. CloudsRAID can detect changed files, then download and upload only changed files.


SecurityFor backup critical or confidential data online automatically.

For sharing confidential data online with high security.